Arijit Singh’s Concert Tickets – Breaking All Records!

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A remarkable wave of excitement envelops Arijit Singh’s much-anticipated 3rd Live Concert in Mauritius, scheduled for October 29th at the prestigious Cote d’Or Sports Complex. Otayo, the ticketing platform, has been a firsthand witness to this frenzy.

The excitement surrounding the event reached new heights when Otayo unveiled it on social media, setting off an explosion of interest that resulted in thousands of views and shares. Since the event’s launch, the statistics speak volumes: over 40,000 clicks, more than 100,000 post engagements, and an astonishing 1 million impressions.

Gold & VIP Tickets Running Out Quickly

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In a mere 24 hours, more than 1000 tickets were sold as soon as they became available. Silver tickets vanished within three days due to high demand. As of the latest update, the availability of Gold, VIP and VVIP tickets is running out rapidly, with only a few left in stock.

Inside Otayo’s office, things have been quite hectic ever since ticket sales began. The phone lines have been buzzing incessantly with hundreds of inquiries, while people have been streaming in to purchase tickets in person at Otayo’s Head Office daily. The dedicated staff at Otayo have been working tirelessly to meet this overwhelming demand, ensuring that the public’s enthusiasm is met with impeccable service. Book your tickets Here!

Additional Gold Seats Released

The demand shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, it continues to surge. At this very moment, only a handful of tickets remain available. The fervour and enthusiasm are not only genuine but almost surreal, a true testament to the public’s profound love for Arijit Singh’s music and live performances, as evidenced by this remarkable response.

In response to this overwhelming enthusiasm, Otayo has made a commendable effort by releasing a limited number of additional Gold seats, striving to accommodate as many eager fans as possible.

Arijit Singh & Mauritius: A Melodic Love Tale

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As we eagerly approach the date of this momentous event, it becomes evident that it will be an occasion filled with both music and emotion, one that has the power to create lasting memories because Arijit Singh and Mauritius share a remarkable love story that spans seven years.

The story of this musical connection started back in 2014 when Arijit Singh’s enchanting music first captured Mauritius’ heart, setting the stage for a passionate and enduring musical journey. A year later, he strengthened this connection with a mesmerizing encore. Now, after an eagerly anticipated hiatus, Arijit Singh returns for the third time to Mauritius, promising to revive the magic with another enchanting performance.

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