Spectacle d’Humour 25 x 100% Morisien**

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Mahatma Gandhi Institute

Saturday 26 November 2022



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About the Event: Spectacle d’Humour 25 x 100% Morisien


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 100% Mauritian Humor Show, IMMEDIA is organising an unforgettable show with over 15 renowned comedians from Mauritius. The date is scheduled for Saturday, 26th November 2022, as from 19:00, at the MGI Moka. On the agenda: laughter in all its glory!

Are you a fan of comedy? Have you grown up with Komiko's plays, each one crazier than the other? Well, your favourite comedians are back on stage to give you a show worth seeing.

Come and laugh with humorists specially selected for you, such as: Yousoof Elahee, Berthie Prosper, Sam Ammigan, Stephan Raynal, Feisal Teeluck, Widaad Toomun, Sanjay Ramanjooloo to name a few. And yes, a great line-up awaits you for the Spectacle d'Humour 25 x 100 % Morisien!

On the programme; gags, sketches, parodies, imitations, stand-ups, self-mockery and other jokes inspired by everyday life that will make you cry with laughter.

So come and have a good time with your family at the Spectacle d'Humour 25 x 100% Morisien. Laughter guaranteed!

List of comedians:

  • Yousoof Elahee
  • Gérard Ratinon
  • Magali D’Avrincourt
  • Lindsay Moutien
  • Berthie Prosper
  • Sam Ammigan
  • Hemsley Samuel
  • Sylvain Petite
  • Goolam Maleck Hossen
  • Stephan Raynal
  • Feisal Teeluck
  • Widaad Toomun
  • Esther Amic
  • François Rougé
  • Sanjay Ramanjooloo
  • Acktar Ghivalla
  • Alberto Levantard
  • Krishnan Onien
  • Christophe Moonesamy