On the 5th of October, Sugar Beach Resort hosted the first ever TomorrowISLAND festival in Mauritius. To say it was a massive success would be an understatement. People partying on the beach from night till morning is one thing but to do it alongside so many DJs is truly something you’d wish you to part of. It was one of the biggest events of the year!

With the success of the first event and the memories people created from it, why not go again?

TomorrowISLAND is back for another edition looking to go bigger and better than the last one.

tomorrowland mauritius

On the 28th of December at Domaine de Saint Aubin get ready for a night full of entertainment. With African Dancers, Fire Shows, Light Shows and of course, a musical performance tailored to be a night of bright lights and addictive sounds.

Blakkayo and Soul Faya are headlining the local side of musical performances. And all the way from the Netherlands, gracing the stage for that night are the Afro Bros! Having the artists who featured in songs like “18+”, “PUSH” and “So Much Love” and produced quality songs such as “X” by Nicky Jam will surely breathe more energy into a crowd already pumped up. That’s not all though, we also have ZOYA all the way from Bulgaria here to bless our ears with her wide discography of EDM sets.

Are you feeling the energy building up for TomorrowISLAND ? Luckily you can get your tickets secured before it is too late.

Tickets for TomorrowISLAND

An event as elite as TomorrowISLAND definitely caters for the people that want to feel as elite as the event is going to be. With the three package categories, Silver, Gold and Platinum, you get to choose how much of a VIP you want to be:

tomorrowland tickets

Silver Package with 10 VVIP tickets, 3 bottles of Bulleit Bourbon, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Gin Ciroc or Tanqueray, Mixers, 10 Beers and Snacks.

Gold Package with 15 VVIP tickets, 2 bottles of Moet & Chandon Brut champagne, 2 bottles of Bulleit Bourbon, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Gin Ciroc Blue or Tanqueray, Mixers, 15 Beers, Snacks.

Platinum Package for the much larger groups with 25 VVIP tickets, offers 3 bottles of Moet & Chandon Brut champagne, 4 bottles of Bulleit Bourbon, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Gin Ciroc Blue or Tanqueray, Mixers, 25 Beers, Snacks.

All packages include premium VIP service and servers and are treated to extra security officers for those who want to party in peace amongst their groups.

Come for a night of spellbinding DJ sets and energetic crowds, dancing and making waves the whole island will hear. Book here: https://otayo.com/tomorrowisland-music-festival-afro-bros