La Faya 2ème édition

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L'embrasure, Le Morne

Saturday 04 February 2023

18h30 - 04h30


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About the event : La Faya 2ème édition

Brace yourselves for La Faya 2.0!

Following numerous requests, La Faya will be back on February 04, 2023. Head to L'Embrasure, Le Petit Morne, for 10 hours of total entertainment, starting at 18h30. That's right! A whole night of grooving to your fave songs from your favourite artists, in the perfect setting for summer.

The LA FAYA event series, which highlights Mauritius' love for music, continues with La Faya 2ème Édition, organised by none other than FourAces Entertainment!

A fantastic line-up is coming together to set the night on fire once again. Let yourself swing to the rhythms of our most requested local artists, such as Blakkayo, Ras Natty Baby, Sky To Be, Sega Nou Zanset, Sayaa, Madii Madii, Natty Gong, Tii Alexandre, Bomboclak & Donovan, Ejilen Faya, amongst numerous others.

La Faya 2ème Édition has all the ingredients for a great event: a stunning venue, hottest local artists and DJs, good vibes, killer beats and great music!

Our local talents are ready to "met La Faya" at l'Embrasure, Le Petit Morne. What about you? Are you ready to have a blast?

Tickets are limited for this event, so don't wait until the last minute to buy yours.


  • Blakkayo
  • Ras Natty Baby
  • Sky To Be
  • Sega Nou Zanset
  • Sayaa

In Showcase

  • Madii Madii
  • Mr Drespoir
  • Natty Gong (MC)
  • Tii Alexandre, Bomboclak & Donovan
  • Taf Taf
  • Team Smiley


  • Ejilen Faya
  • DJ LP (Resident)

About the Artists


Jean Clario Gateaux, known by Blakkayo, is a lover of reggae. While listening to Kaya’s seggae, a fusion of Mauritian sega and reggae, he realised that he could use music to share his beliefs and help others. He even wrote his own lyrics, which led him to freestyle music. Blakkayo aims to keep Mauritian culture and music alive by creating and promoting reggae, seggae and dancehall music. Since the day he started singing, whether with the OSB team or solo, his only motivation is to show the world the reality of the island.

Madii Madii

Madii Madii, a name that is often heard, is an artist with a melodious voice. His real name is Madyson Jean and he is from Barkly, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill. Influenced by the scourge of drugs from a young age, he had to find a way out to live and survive. And he chose music. Through his songs, he sings of hope and reflections on life.

Natty Gong

Natty Gong started out as an athlete and has a passion for music. He is a Reggae-Dancehall artist as well as a lifestyle blogger. In his spare time, he models and even coaches. As a professional, he is an art and graphic design teacher, which allows him to have a better approach with young people. He is a motivation for many young people, as he is versatile in many fields.

Sky To Be

Jean Patrice Kevin Dina, better known as Sky To Be, is a Mauritian artist born in 1990. He was never interested in higher education and his dream was to become a singer. In 2010, he made a buzz on the Internet with a freestyle video made with friends in the streets of Roche-Bois. He really didn’t expect to be thrust into the spotlight in such a short time. He ended up releasing an album in which he simply recounts all his past experiences. He has gained even more popularity thanks to several concerts around the island. Sky To Be is also known internationally and has played a few concerts in Reunion, Paris and England, among others.


Sayaa has always been passionate about singing, and she made a career out of it – she followed her heart and today she can proudly say that she has succeeded. She has been lucky enough to perform at international events and is in great demand in Mauritius. Her biggest hits include “Sant pou la mizer”, co-written with Jaymie, and “Ask dem”.


He is known as DJ LP to his audience but his real name is Laurent Pierre Richard. He has been a DJ for 14 years now. He is a DJ who has mixed house music in all its forms. After playing in many prestigious venues in Mauritius, he joined Lakaz Cascavelle as a resident DJ from 2014 to 2020. He also founded Juicy Box from 2015 until today. He has his own signature music

Additional Information

  • The management reserves all rights of admission.
  • Those under 18 are allowed to attend the event provided they are accompanied by an adult.
  • By attending this event, you accept to be photographed and filmed.